As specialist in restructure, mergers and acquisition, supporting transition, acquisition, merger, restructure, upsizing and downsizing projects. Handling acquisitions / restructures & TUPE between 500 and a handful in size, from due diligence stage through to implementation & mop up. Recent restructure successes at HTC, SAP/Business Objects and particularly SunGard.This involves handling the business and employee changes that accompany transition, including: AcquisitionRestructuringContractual changesTUPE transfersEmployee role changesMass or individual on-boarding & transferdue to acquisition or growthMass redundancy due to acquisition, merger, or slow-downOffice relocations These changes are handled carefully and sensitively because there are considerable employee, morale, productivity and legal threats from handling this poorly. Handling these changes well gives a business the best chance of moving forward strongly from a major change.